Will people HATE your app?

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You have a great idea. But what if your customers don’t think so?

What if your blood, sweat, and tears will be all for nothing? What if you end up wasting time and money on a “flub”?

The #1 app mistake people make

People come up with genius ideas all the time.

But the vast majority of these ideas are worthless!

A lot of factors matter in success of an app … Timing, technology, market, design, and so on. It’s estimated that 60% of apps don’t even break even on the development costs.

These app entrepreneurs assume that their idea is so great that it will overcome all the issues. They count on stars being aligned for their app to succeed. We can see how well that’s working out.

But you can be smarter.

The book where I describe the process of validating app ideas in detail.

With a proof (“validated idea”), you will be able to:

  • Pick the winner out of your gazzilion epic app ideas
  • Pitch your idea to a co-founder or developer (imagine never hearing another “sorry, I’m busy”)
  • Work on your business without the nagging doubt in the back of your mind (“what if this thing flops?”)

This is not some secret – it’s a time and time again proven workflow recommended by Eric Ries, Tim Ferriss, and numerous other respected authorities from the startup community.

Excellent blueprint for validating an app idea – or any idea, really!

The testimonial above is from one of more than 900 students who took my app idea validation course. This is another one:

Braden Bruington

What a great value. Heidi cuts to the chase, gives you useful and current information, and provides specific and step-by-step instructions for validating your ideas.

The course used to be available for 2 years on Udemy for $49. Here’s the screenshot:


Due to pricing changes on the Udemy platform, I decided to offer the same content in an ebook format for a much lower price on my own website. I carefully studied the reviews and feedback from the students to update the content for 2017.

I’m excited to tell you that it’s almost ready! This is your chance to claim your own copy with a pre-launch discount.

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Roger Sanchez

Thanks Heidi. I have a couple of ideas regarding apps and am primarily a web-developer, so diving into this was familiar ground for me, but I needed to be certain I was going to take the right turns. Your video gave me confidence in pursuing my ideas and moving forward with them. Thanks again & have a great day!