Your startup may fail because of bad design. Are you willing to risk it?

90% of all startups fail. Great design will give you the edge you need to grow faster and stand out among the competitors.

Great design feels out of reach for many startup founders. They tell themselves they’ll focus on it later. That other things have priority.

But let’s face it — how often do you buy things from businesses you don’t trust? Good design is not just pretty pictures. It will help you build a trustworthy brand and keep your users from leaving you for your competitors.

“As the consumer tech market becomes more crowded, brands and experience design—not just technical capabilities—are becoming critical to success.”— Fast.Co1

Make your company look reputable and instil trust in your customers.

Start using design as a powerful marketing tool.

Test every little detail of your website. Stop guessing, start measuring.

Offer a better user experience than your competitors. Keep your users coming back.

Learn from real-life examples of companies that are using design as a strategic tool.

Learn tricks and hacks that you can use to leverage this power — without a designer on your team!

Table of Contents


Where I explain the principle of “Lean Design”, discuss what is good design and give some details on how to get started.


How colours work and the relations between them. Which rules you can safely ignore when building your brand’s colour scheme.


Theory about fonts followed by detailed instructions on how to combine them properly and which fonts are better avoided altogether.


Hierarchy and spacing. How to give off a sense of luxury by simply using more whitespace and using grids to quickly design unique layouts.


Discusses the most important element of branding, guides you through designing a logo, and introduces a unique tool to keep branding elements consistent.

Measuring Design

Introduces different methods of testing interfaces and websites. Gives a bunch of ideas everyone should run on their websites.


How copy connects with design and the main guidelines to keep in mind when developing marketing material.

Validating Ideas

Talks briefly about how you can save time and money by using design to validate all your business ideas.

User Experience

The process of making your app easy to use along with a ton of readily implementable UX tips and how to make it all work in a startup.

User Research

Without your users, you don’t have a business. In this chapter, we talk more about measuring design with qualitative methods.


The last part consists of a list of tools and resources for you to use, and a further reading segment with interesting links to read.

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Who is This Book For

The book is useful for anyone looking to make more money and achieve a greater impact on the world, whether it be by running a blog or a SaaS company. The entire team can benefit from this value-packed guide.

Chapters covering UX will be mostly applicable for software startups and app developers. The rest is useful for anyone wanting to grow their business.

“This superb, thoroughly illustrated manual sheds light on the feared subject of design. Heidi talks about design in business terms, proves her point with examples, and gives you actionable tips & tricks. A must-read for any founder!” Jane Portman, UI/UX consultant at UI Breakfast

120+ Examples & Case Studies

All design principles and marketing strategies are backed up with real-life case studies and examples from successful businesses, small and big.

The Pareto Principle

The 20% of all efforts you put into design will give you a 80% improvement on your growth. This is the book to teach you those 20%.

Only What You Need to Know

This book is the starting point for entrepreneurs. Learn the basics and expand your knowledge with additional resources at the end of the book.

About Heidi Pun

I've been working as a designer for 6 years until I quit my job to focus full-time on my own businesses. I run Design for Founders and a few other websites. My work has been featured and published in Tuts+, Despreneur, ProductHunt, and others.

“Heidi is one of those great designers that have a unique ability to successfully combine design and business.”— Tomas Laurinavicius,
the author of Mobile Design Book2 and Forbes writer
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You get a 100% refund, no questions asked. There’s not even a time limit — you can buy the book today and get a refund one year later. I am that confident that you’ll find amazing value in this book.

Is this book up to date?

This book is being launched in the beginning of 2016. I guarantee that the tools and links are up-to-date at this point.

What is the purchase process?

I use Gumroad to process payment. It supports all credit cards. After payment, you’ll immediately get the book in pdf format straight into your inbox. Contact me if any problem arises.

Do I need to know Photoshop?

This book is tool-agnostic. All the tips and tutorials are applicable to different tools, some of which are also featured in the book to help you pick one.

“Strategic and practical. This is the best guide I've read for founders looking to understand design principles and learn how to implement them in their startup.” Richard Lazazzera - Online Ecommerce Incubator Founder

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